How to Grow Clematis: Planting & Caring for the Queen of Vines

Clematis vines are one of the most attractive and popular flowering plants that can be grown in your home. There are many types of clematis plants, including woody and deciduous varieties as well as herbaceous or evergreen varieties. There are many varieties, each with their own flowering patterns, colors and blooming times. However, most plants bloom between spring and autumn.

These stunning flowers can be a show-stopper when they bloom, and they provide privacy too! Learn more about growing clematis in your backyard. Continue reading to find our easy-to-follow clematis gardening guide.

Sun exposure:Sunny to partly sunny

USDA Hardiness Zone4-9

Planting TimeSpring is early

The Best VarietiesSweet Summer Love, Niobe, Montana

Pests and DiseasesJapanese beetles, Clematis wilt


  • Clematis roots are fragile and should be planted with care
  • Consider having someone assist you with removing a small trellis from the pot.
  • A hole should be dug that is twice the size of the root ball.
  • Do not place the plant higher than the soil.


  • Regularly water the soil, but not too often.
  • Use an all-purpose fertilizer to feed your clematis one time per season in spring.
  • Prune the plant regularly as it matures to remove dead stems and promote healthy growth.
  • Different varieties of Clematis bloom at different times so make sure you read the label before trimming. It is a good rule of thumb to prune clematis plants that bloom early in spring.
  • Mulch the plants to retain moisture and keep them cool.


  • You can also grow clematis indoors if you have a small space.
  • Place a trellis or a large pot in an area where vines can climb.


  • Clematis plants can be grown year after year. However, they may take 2-3 years to grow and flourish because of their extensive root system.
  • You’ll see beautiful vine flowers year after years if you wait for them to flourish.

Now that you’re familiar with how to grow clematis it’s time for you to get started!


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