6 Amazing Ornamental Grasses You Can Grow in Your Containers

These ornamental grasses are hardy and easy to grow, increasing curb appeal and backyard beauty.

There are many ornamental grasses to choose from. There are many options for ornamental grasses, including those with tall clumps, feathery tops, and colorful leaves. For a more welcoming atmosphere, the grasses can be placed in containers at your home’s entrance. They require little fertilizer to thrive and are easy to care for.

How to Grow Ornamental Grass In Containers

Growing ornamental grasses can be easy, as we have already mentioned. These are the steps that will help you if you’re new to this.

1. 1.Add Soil

Soil should be added to the container. Moistened soil is best for ornamental grasses. Use your finger to create a shallow trench around the container.

2. 2. Choose the right seeds

There are many types of ornamental grasses. You should choose the best variety to grow. Red Fountain Grass and Fiber Optic Grass are some of the most popular. Ravennagrass is another great choice.

3. 3. Sow the Seeds

Sprinkle the seeds in the soil, and then cover the container with some soil. Place the container in an area with a lot of sun and make sure that the soil is moistened.

4. Pick a sunny spot

Your ornamental grasses should be grown in sunny areas. It should be planted in lightly moistened soil. Within two to four weeks the seeds will start to germinate.

5. Water the Grass

Only water your grasses when the soil looks dry. Your ornamental grasses, just like other plants, can thrive in almost dry conditions. If it has rained for the whole week, they might only require a small amount of water.

Best Ornamental Grasses For Containers

1. Red Fountain Grass

Fountain grass can be used in containers as it fills the pot with its arching, fountain-like habit. Its rich, burgundy color makes it a popular choice even though it isn’t hardy. This is because it is fast-growing and can be grown as an annual. The leaves are 3-4 feet tall with narrow-bladed flowers that reach 4 to 5 feet.

2. Fiber Optic Grass

Fiber Optic grasses are able to grow in the tropics. They can also be grown as an annual and thrive in colder climates. It’s also one of the most ornamental grasses that can be grown in containers. When it is grown, it hangs down in a gentle curve which creates an amazing effect.

Fiber Optic grass can be grown in either partial or full sun. It can be grown indoors or in moist soil. It can be planted in close proximity to ponds and pools because it is able to withstand moisture. It is easy to grow, and it has very few pest and disease problems.

3. Flax from New Zealand

New Zealand flax is often used, but it is rarely recognized. They aren’t true grasses but their leaves can look very similar to grasses and are often used for landscape purposes. They are a great choice for container grasses that have a sword-like shape and come in a wide range of colors including yellow, red, copper and green. Many cultivars are available. They can grow to 3 to 9 feet tall and have attractive, sword-shaped leaves.

4. Blue Oat Grass

Blue Oat grass is the best low-maintenance ornamental grass. This plant has a unique mounded habit that will not spread and take over your whole garden.

Blue oat grass containers bring a cool blue-gray color to your garden. They also make a gentle rustling sound, and have a texture that makes it tempting to touch the plants. They grow to 2 to 3 feet high with thin, spiky leaves that form clumps.

5. Japanese Forest Grass

One of the most beautiful ornamental grasses is Japanese forest grass. Once established, it is slow-growing and will need little maintenance. These ornamental grasses can be grown in partial shade. The Japanese forest grasses come in many colors. You should choose a color that complements the surroundings.

6. Pink Muhly Grass

The Pink Muhly grass is one of the most popular ornamental grasses. Its beautiful pink clouds bring color to your yard. These grasses can withstand heat and are sun-loving. They also produce the best fall color. This grass is known for its beautiful pink-purple blooms, which float above the plant’s bodies in an airy display. While other grass textures can enhance the wind motion, the pink muhly blurs it, creating beautiful pink clouds.

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